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Prayer and Financial Support
Prayer Support
Please remember us in your prayers. Pray for the Salvation of all the students and teachers in club and on campus; pray for our teachers to be worthy of the calling to teach our students; pray for protection from those who do not want our club on campus; pray for every word spoken by Sonja and I to be from the Spirit and not our own; pray for physical protection from injuries as we play activities during off-campus outings; pray that the students in club would be His light on campus each and every day; and finally pray that students would have a desire to come to club and hear the Word of God...the truth...and come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.     

Financial Support
There are a modest amount of costs associated with this Ministry. For example we help provide snacks and cold drinks at every club meeting, every week. We also provide hot lunches at all of our off-campus meetings and outings. This year we plan to host events at places such as Mulligan's Family Fun Center, Lake Harveston, and Lake Skinner at no cost to the students. We also offer every student a Bible as we have found that most students do not have access to a Bible at home. There is no sound more enjoyable than the ruffling of Bible pages by a group of 12 year old's! This teaches them to check the Scriptures for all things taught (like the Bereans-Acts 17) and follow along during the readings.     

Your financial contribution to the Ministry is greatly appreciated. Unlike a lot of other Missionaries, 100% of your donation goes to the students. Yes, 100%! Sonja and I do not withhold any of the financial support for ourselves or our personal expenses. As a matter of fact, when you donate you have an opportunity to let us know how you want the money spent (i.e. Bibles, Snacks, Outings, etc.). It is our hearts desire for the students to have the best experience possible while they learn the Word of God, pray for each other, and fellowship together.  

Please consider supporting us on a monthly basis. Your contributions are completely tax deductable (Federal ID: 33-0727853) and your support of the Great Commission (Matt 28) is very appreciated.  

To support us please make your check payable to "His Venture", write "Gary and Sonja Nelson" in the memo portion, and mail to:

His Venture
P.O. Box 2050
Temecula, CA 92593 

If you would rather use a debit or credit card then please provide the required information along with the donation amount and mail to the address above. Also be sure to include whether it is a one time or recurring (i.e. monthly) donation. 

We desire to meet with all of our supporters whenever possible. So please call us any time. We will also mail you our monthly newsletter on a regular basis.   

Thank you for your support and may Jesus bless each one of you.